Integrated Industrial Value Chain

POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited (“POLY-GCL”), signed five PPSA with the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines on 16 November 2013, which have been effective.  The project comprises three major parts including exploration development, long-range pipeline, and LNG liquefaction plant.  Natural gas produced is transported from Ethiopia to Djibouti via pipeline, and liquefied at LNG plant in Djibouti.

Corporate Story

Social Responsibilities

POLY-GCL responds to the country's "Going out" and "One Belt, One Road" strategy, actively expands oil and gas business and implement corporate social responsibilities. In Ethiopia and Djibouti, the project has built a large number of engineering facilities and hired a large number of local employees, which has effectively promoted the socio-economic development of the resource countries, promoted employment, and transfer technology knowledge to local employees.

One of the largest energy
projects along the Belt and Road in Africa

The largest energy construction project by Chinese enterprise in Djibouti

  • 3,000+

    Human Resources

  • Natural Gas

  • Sales to Europe and Asia-Pacific

    Global Trade